Studio B


Studio B is in the adjacent building to the Control Room and features our 1885 Bluthner Baby Grand Piano. Larger than Studio A, there is space enough for a quartet, quintet, sextet or possibly septet. Musicians can view Studio A or the Control Room via a video monitor.

Studio B is wired for 24 inputs and 3 custom headphone stations that natively serve up to six headphones. Each of these stations feature USB inputs, phono and line inputs. There are additional outputs on each station for cascading secondary headphone amplifiers.


Studio B is the home to our 1885 Blüthner Baby Grand, which was originally owned by Jimmy Buffett and became the property of Glenn when he purchased the six-acre property from Jimmy. The Blüthner was left onsite when Glenn moved from this location to Los Angeles and a larger recording facility.

We have given it the love it was in need of, a humidifier, minor repairs, and a good tuning when appropriate. It was truly amazing to see a six-year neglected instrument come back to life as easily as it did. We have a client who comes to us all the way from Portland just to use our Blüthner. And, yes, it sounds amazing.